AT WIL, we subscribe to all standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and protocols of a World Class Plant (WCP) 

Our automatic welding rods production line   consists of all relevant equipment from high speed wire drawing lines to mixers and extrusion and baking. 

Our automatic chain link and barbed wire machines are the latest technology and provide high quality output and product 

Our production process for all that we manufacture, places great emphasis on supply chain to ensure a seamless and cost-effective process from sourcing the correct raw materials to packaging and storage. 


WIL breaths and lives quality!.  We practice TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) and have several self-audits throughout the year to access compliance and ensure we are meeting all  our laid down Standard operating procedures (SOP’S) . We are very keen on this in order to realize our mission of ensuring quality and sufficient supply 

We believe the foundation of good quality stems from making the  right  investment choice  in the  best  available market  technology and  respective machines,  to the most efficient and accountable production process , managed by an able, qualified and enthused team that continuously checks the materials produced meets our bench mark and KPI’s.  At WIL ,  we value what we produce, and that is why we maintain continuous tests for all our products. 

By religiously following a continuous improvement (CI)  program, we have been able to maintain top notch product quality. Our CI is also pegged to changing market trends, technological advancement and dynamic customer needs and wants. Our commitment is to sustain customer satisfaction and remain dynamic and responsive.