Kenweld is a high-quality grade rutile-based mild steel (SAE 1006) electrode. It is an all positions welding electrode suitable for a wide range of applications. 

It has a quiet smooth-running arc, low spatter loss, quick freezing slag characteristic, deep  penetration and an eye-catching weld bead formation. 

It produces joints with the best strength, malleability and ductility characteristics. Applications 

Kenweld E6013 is your everyday electrode for general fabrications including joining of sheet  metals and metal bars, motor vehicle body building, and build-up for workshop machining  works. 

Current mode: AC, DCSP, DCRP 

Current Range: 

Wire dia. (mm)  Current AC/DC (Amps)
2.5  60-90
3.2  90-130
4.0  130-180


Weld Metal Mechanical Properties:

Yield Point (kg/mm2 Tensile Strength (kg/mm2 Elongation (%)
42  48  24