SuperArc E6013

Superarc is a high-quality specially designed welding rod for general purpose applications. 

It is a mild steel (SAE 1006) rutile-based electrode that can be applied in all welding process  positions to cater for any form of flexibility whenever it is needed due to its quick-freezing slag. 

It improves mechanical properties of the joint by providing clean, high quality weld metal by  transferring alloying elements across the arc. 

It has easy arc striking and arc stability, and low spatter loss. 

The slag produced shapes the molten pool into a finely rippled bead contour desirable in continuous welding applications. The slag is readily removable and self-detaching. It possesses low fume production characteristics hence it is very health friendly to the welder. 


Superarc E6013 may be used to weld metal fixtures, road equipment, farm machinery, building  structures, storage tanks, and ironwork 

Current mode: AC, DCSP, DCRP 

Current Range: 

Wire dia. (mm)  Current AC/DC (Amps)
2.5  60-90
3.2  90-120
4.0  120-180


Weld Metal Mechanical Properties:

Yield Point  


Tensile Strength  (kg/mm2) Elongation  


42  48  24