Weldex Gold E6013

Weldex Gold is a superior grade rutile-potassium mild steel electrode. 

It is a general-purpose welding electrode made of mild steel (SAE 1006) and can be used in all  positions of a welding process, including vertical down, due to its enhanced quick-freezing slag  characteristic. 

The high titania potassium content in the coating aids in producing a spray-type arc that results  in a deep penetration and excellent metal deposition. 

The electrode can be used with small AC power sources having low open-circuit voltage. 

This electrode facilitates a quiet arc that is readily maintained with minimal spatter loss. The  slag produced is easily controlled and delivers finely rippled bead contour with the desired  strength and elongation characteristics. 


This welding rod finds applications ranging from small tasks such as vehicle repairs and  fabrication of windows, doors and gates, to major tasks such as ship building, boiler repairs,  with everything in between including sheet metal works and build-up of parts for machining. 

Current mode: AC, DCSP, DCRP 

Current Range: 

Wire dia. (mm)  Current AC/DC (Amps)
2.5  60-90
3.2  90-120
4.0  120-180


Weld Metal Mechanical Properties:

Yield Point (kg/mm2 Tensile Strength (kg/mm2 Elongation (%)
42  48  24